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Michelangelo Verso giving a concert

Michelangelo Verso, born in Palermo, studied with Tenor Salvatore Pollicino in Palermo,
with Maestro Punzo in Naples and with famous Tenor Giovanni Martinelli in New York. 
He has sung in various Radio programs of the EIAR and RAI winning several awards.
He was chosen winner of the International Contest of Perfection for singing at the Accademia
Internazionale Chigiana of Siena
where he studied with the Soprano Ines Alfano Tellini and he won a shcolarship for acting at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia of Rome.

In the costume of the count of Mantua (Rigoletto)

Michelangelo Verso in the role of Edgardo (Lucia di Lammermoor)

He made his debut in Palermo in 1949 with the Opera "Il Barbiere di Siviglia"
where he performed also "Lucia di Lammermoor" and "Cavalleria Rusticana".
In the beautiful theatre Teatro Massimo of Palermo, the famous Tenor Beniamino Gigli
selected him, and presented him in his own concert as a lyric tenor of great promise.

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partial manifesto of Teatro Massimo - Palermo 1949

Mr. Verso sang on that important occasion the romanza "Vieni" from Denza and
the famous aria "Che gelida manina" from Puccini's La Bohème.

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Mr. Verso has recorded many records for FONIT, CETRA, COLUMBIA and other labels.
He was the first in history who recorded the famous Sicilian Evergreen "VITTI 'NA CROZZA"
on a 78 rpm record in 1951 for the CETRA record-company.
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Michelangelo Verso was also invited to sing on the very first voyages of the legendary
transatlantic liner Andrea Doria with the orchestra conducted by Maestro Bandel.

In 1952 he was engaged by Furio Rendine to participate at the famous Neapolitan song-
festival "La Piedigrotta" where he was awarded for singing "Campane Napulitane"
(on Fonit record) and where the local critics quoted him as the new Caruso for having
sung without a microphone.

Michelangelo Verso canta per la stazione Radiofonica Whom di New York

In New York, where he became
established, he did extensive Radio
and TV work for CBS, NBC and the
Ed Sullivan and Perry Como shows.

After that he was contracted at the
Pittsburgh Opera House for the season
of 1953/54 to sing the "Barber of Seville"
in the role of the Count of Almaviva where
he was listed among many famous artists like
Mario del Monaco, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Ferruccio Tagliavini and Nino Martini etc.
(see the complete list).

He established himself in Mexico where
he performed with Josephine Baker at
the Teatro Iris and with Gloria Aguiar
he made the TV-special "Invitacion a
Italia" sponsored by Good Year.
His voice was used also in a Mexican film
"Locos peligrosos" in 1957 with the
famous comic actor Tin-Tan.
Further on he sang at the Teatro Bellas
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to view the entire program of this concert)
and recorded several Lp's for the Columbia
record company in Mexico.

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Program of a concert of M. Verso at Teatro Bellas Artes - Mexico 1955

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Teatro Municipal of Calì (Colombia)

Publicity banner of a recital of M. Verso at the Teatro Municipal of Calý (Colombia)

In Cuba, 1955 at Canal 4, he performed on the same TV program with Edith Piaf and at
the famous Tropicana he was together with Maurice Chevalier and Nat King Cole.

Mr. Verso's Operatic Repertoire included: Rigoletto, La Bohème, La Traviata,
Barber of Seville, Cavalleria Rusticana, Lucia di Lammermoor and Elisir d'Amore.
He sang in many North-American countries and in almost all the countries of Latin-America.

After a long tournéé of many years he returned to Europe and in 1962 he participated at the:
"Festival della Nuova Canzone Siciliana di Castellamare del Golfo" where he won the
first and second award with two Sicilian songs "Carritteri 'nnammuratu" and "Saridda".
They have been recorded by the Fonola record company of Milan.

He has sung with the famous Soprano Maria Caniglia and Baritones Cesare Bardelli
and Carlo Morelli in concert and toured Germany in joint concert performances with
Edoardo Bianco, the first violinist of Arturo Toscanini.

In Germany he also sang for NATO, and in the Netherlands, where he was well
established for many years, he performed in many concerts, TV and Radio shows.
He also performed in many Eastern-block countries like Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia,
Bulgaria, etc. and his concerts included International repertoire as well as operatic music.
Picture of Michelangelo Verso


To mention some of the VIP's for
whom Michelangelo Verso sang:

  • President Nixon of the U.S.A.      
  • Mayor Impilliteri of New York
  • President R. Cortinez of Mexico
  • Ex-President Don Miguel Aleman
  • President Battista of Cuba
  • Cardinal Spellman of New York
  • Cardinal Paul Yupin of China
  • Cardinal Opilio Rossi of Ecuador
  • Cardinal Ernesto Ruffini of Palermo
  • Cardinal Carpinio of Monreale



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Today, Michelangelo Verso lives in Palermo, the city of his birth, where he performed in many
TV-shows and benefit concerts for UNICEF in the last few years. He also made three
Beniamino Gigli memorial documentaries for TV because Mr. Verso has always been and still
remains a great fan of "his beloved master Gigli". Gigli will never die because, according to
Mr. Verso, Beniamino Gigli will always be the example for all other Tenors. Mr. Verso has a large
collection of records, photo's, Videos, one 35 mm film and many other items of Beniamino Gigli.

In 1984 Mr. Verso was invited by the Soprano Rina Gigli, the daughter of Beniamino Gigli,
to come to Recanati (the birthplace of B. Gigli) to give a homage to her father in a concert in
which the famous Tenor Ferruccio Tagliavini was present along with many authorities and other
lyric singers. On that occasion, Mr. Verso sang the beautiful song: "Non ti scordar di me"
(Don't forget me) which was one of the great successes of Beniamino Gigli.
For that, Mr. Verso received the emblem of the city of Recanati, from the Mayor.
In Rome 1990, Michelangelo Verso was
awarded, the Golden Plate, by O.I.P.E.C.:
"Omaggio a Beniamino Gigli" for his
world-wide artistic merits and tributes and
in 1998 he has been nominated Honorary
by the English Mario Lanza fanclub
"Friends of Mario Lanza".

Having maintained a fine voice, Michelangelo
Verso has recorded several Compact Discs
in the last few years, to view the complete
list, please click on Compact Discs

Michelangelo Verso Jr.
Dedicated to my father
The Golden Plate award by O.I.P.E.C

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