Some pictures of Michelangelo Verso  
on the Trans-Atlantic Italian liner "ANDREA DORIA"


Here below we see Michelangelo Verso on the famous and legendary
Italian trans-Atlantic liner, Andrea Doria, in 1953 on one
of its maiden voyages from Naples to New York.

Photo of Michelangelo Verso on the Andrea Doria

On the life-boat you can see, a bit indistinctly, written: Andrea Doria.

M. Verso, waving out from a window of the Andrea Doria

On the way,
crossing the ocean

Photo together with an Italian family

Together with an Italian family

Relaxing and taking the sun beside the swimming pool,  in company
of two tourists and a major of services on board.

Relaxing and taking a sun-bath on the Andrea Doria

Here below the programme of the lyric concert, 15 July 1953,
held on the evening before the arrival of the liner in New York.
Among the audience there was the President of the "Bertolli Trading Corporation",
Mr. Henry Scaramelli who, after having heard M. Verso in this concert,
offered him a sequence of broadcastings at the
Radiostation W.H.O.M. of New York.

Part of the programme of the lyric concert, the evening before the arrival of the Andrea Doria in New York

Programme of the lyric concert, the evening before the arrival of the Andrea Doria in New York

The flag of the, "Italia"
(Navigation Association)  which is  printed on the back of the programme 

"Italia" - Navigation Association

And here we see a leaflet of the ship's activities of that same day,
included the vocal concert held at 5:15 PM

Ship's Activities of the Day of July 15th 1953 of the Andrea Doria

Andrea Doria - Michelangelo Verso together with the commissioner on board

Here in company of the commissioner on board.

Michelangelo waving from the Andrea Doria upon arrival in New York

Arrival at New York in the morning of July 16th 1953

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