Photos and Audio files of the TV-film
"Invitacion a Italia"
starring Michelangelo Verso and Gloria Aguiar

The following photos were taken on the set of the TV film: "Invitacion a Italia"
sponsored by Good Year Oxo, starring the Mexican female singer and actress
Gloria Aguiar as the girl who doesn't know how to sing and wants to take singing lessons
 but who is inspired, only after an virtual trip in Italy, by her singing teacher Carlo Brazzi,
interpreted by the Italian Tenor Michelangelo Verso.

This film was broadcasted at the Mexican TV station Televicentro in 1956:
Producer Luis Riley, Scenery by Robin Bond, Orchestra and conductor
Chucho Zarzosa and the Ballet by Elsa Chezzi.

M. Verso and Gloria Aguiar

Michelangelo Verso,
as a Gondolier, sings:
"Luna Rossa"
(wma file 256kB)

Performing the famous
Operatic duet from La Traviata:
(wma file 344kB)

Gloria Aguiar together with Michelangelo Verso singing an Operatic duet


The two following photos let you feel the atmosphere of Naples with the famous
 volcano "Vesuvius" in the background. At this moment Michelangelo Verso is
singing the beautiful song
"Anema e Core" (wma file 416kB)

M. Verso and Gloria Aguiar in Naples

M. Verso and Gloria Aguiar in Naples


Here below they sing in duet:
"Parlami d'Amore Mariù" (wma file 454kB)

 M. Verso with Gloria Aguiar singing a duet

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