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Michelangelo Verso singing for the Brazilian TV, Canal 5

Michelangelo Verso, singing for Canal 5 TV,
Porto Allegre (Brazil) 1960

Michelangelo Verso sings 'Granada' for Radio Madrid

Radio Madrid 1961, for the show "Cavalgata Fin de Semana",
orchestra directed by Maestro Valero, M. Verso singing Granada

Michelangelo Verso sings 'Ranchera' songs - TV Mexico

Here above and below two pictures of Michelangelo Verso taken during the
Paco Malgesto Television show while singing: "Ay Jalisco non te rajes",
a typical Mexican 'Ranchera' song - Televicentro Canal 4 - Mexico 1956

Michelangelo Verso sings 'Ranchera' songs - TV Mexico

Singing for Television of San Paolo (Brazil)

Television of San Paolo, orchestra directed by Maestro Federoschi
Brazil 1960

Musical show with the ballet of 'SAETA' Television of Montevideo

At Television 'SAETA' while singing a Neapoletan Tarantella
Montevideo (Uruguay) 1959

Michelangelo Verso together with his wife Mary in a TV show of Montevideo

Again at 'SAETA' during another Television show,
together with his wife Mary (sitting in the centre on the background)
Montevideo 1959

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