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A photo of the great Tot˛, Prince Antonio de Curtis with a written dedication to Michelangelo Verso

A photo of 'Prince Antonio de Curtis', better known as TOTO',
one of the greatest Italian comic actors who acted in more than hundred
movies and composed the unforgettable Neapolitan song "Malafemmena",
with dedication: "To Michelangelo Verso with much cordiality"
Rome 7/10/1942

Photo dedicated by world's famous actor Rossano Brazzi

Photo dedicated by world's famous actor 'ROSSANO BRAZZI'
"To Michelangelo Verso with sincere regards"
Rome Cinecittà 1942


Photo dedicated by Amedeo Nazzari to M. Verso

Photo dedicated by 'AMEDEO NAZZARI'
"To Michelangelo Verso with cordiality"

Michelangelo Verso together with Amedeo Nazzari - CinecittÓ 1942

The great actor 'Amedeo Nazzari' and the very young Michelangelo Verso at the Centro Sperimentale (Cinecittà) of Rome on the set of the film: "La Bella Addormentata" 1942

Photo dedicated by Luis Ferida

Photo dedicated by famous actress 'LUISA FERIDA'
"To Verso Michelangelo with cordiality"
Rome Cinecittà 1942

Group photo with Ciccio Ingrassia, Michelangelo Verso and others after a football match

Group photo after a football match between artists, among them
the famous comic actor 'CICCIO INGRASSIA'
(standing with his cap on) and in front of him
Michelangelo Verso (sitting on his knees)
Palermo 1938

A photo of the actor Carlo Croccolo and Michelangelo Verso after a football match

A group photo after a football match between artists, among them the actor 'CARLO CROCCOLO' and Michelangelo Verso - Naples 1952

A more recent photo of Carlo Croccolo dedicated to M. Verso

A more recent picture dedicated by C. Croccolo "To Michelangelo Verso, my dear friend wishing him a long lasting and happy career"

Photo of Michelangelo Verso together with the famous Neapolitan singer, Peppino di Capri

Photo of Michelangelo Verso together with
the famous Neapolitan singer, 'PEPPINO DI CAPRI',
both of them on different concert tours
The little boy on the left is Michelangelo Junior
Istanbul Turkey 1964

Photo of M. Verso with actor Turi Ferro in his dressingroom at Teatro Biondo of Palermo

Well known Italian actor 'TURI FERRO' together with M. Verso in his dressingroom after a theatrical performance at Teatro Biondo, Palermo 1989

Photo dedicated by Turi Ferro to Michelangelo Verso

And here the photo dedicated by Turi Ferro
"To Tenor Michelangelo Verso with vivid cordiality"

Photo dedicated by singer and actor Massimo Ranieri

Photo dedicated by famous singer and actor 'MASSIMO RANIERI'
"To Michelangelo with esteem" - Palermo Teatro Biondo 1989

M. Verso together with the First Lady of circus CittÓ di Roma, Liliana Florans Bizzarro

Michelangelo Verso together with
First Lady of Circus "CITTA' DI ROMA"
(and ex Miss. Italy elected in Tunis)
Palermo, February 2001

Photo dedicated by Liliana Florans Bizzarro

Photo dedicated by Liliana Florans Bizzarro
"To the great maestro Michelangelo Verso with much sympathy and admiration"

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