Michelangelo Verso with the immortal  Si prega cliccare qui per il sito in Italiano
and great Tenor Beniamino Gigli

A picture of B. Gigli dedicated to M. Verso

A picture of Beniamino Gigli retracted from the Opera "Manon" by Massenet
dedicated to M. Verso with the the following: "To Michelangelo Verso
with the most fervid wishes for his artistic desires, sincerely Beniamino Gigli 1949"

On the right side we see
Michelangelo Verso with his idol
and grand master Beniamino Gigli
in his dressingroom of the
Teatro Politeama of Palermo,
after his last performance of "Elisird'Amore" in December 1950

M. Verso together with B. Gigli in his dressingroom

Beniamino Gigli and Michelangelo Verso in Monreale

Michelangelo Verso
and Beniamnino Gigli
at the exit of a restaurant
Monreale 1949

Beniamino Gigli inside the
church "Santa Rita" of
Palermo, together with M. Verso,
where he was singing with
his golden voice: Ave Maria, Panis Angelicus and Agnus Dei

Beniamino Gigli and Michelangelo Verso in the church of Santa Rita

Beniamino Gigli and Michelangelo Verso walking together in Palermo

Beniamino Gigli walking with
paternal intimacy together
with Michelangelo Verso
who listened to some precious
advice from his idol
Palermo - Piazza Massimo

Here at the right:
Beniamino Gigli and M. Verso at
the Grand Hotel delle Palme
Palermo 1949

B. Gigli and M. Verso at the Grand Hotel delle Palme of Palermo

A picture of Gigli dedicated to Michelangelo's dad

A photo of Beniamino Gigli
dedicated to Ernesto Verso,
father of Michelangelo,
with the following:

"To dear Ernesto Verso
Beniamino Gigli

A picture of Beniamino Gigli
together with his daughter Rina in
"Manon Lescaut" by Puccini,
dedicated to Michelangelo Verso
with the following:

"To Michelangelo Verso with the
most vivid sympathy and friendship,
Beniamino e Rina Gigli"

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the enlarged version)

Beniamino Gigli with his daughter Rina

Another dedication of Rina Gigli on the cover of a Lp recorded by EMI
- Rina and Beniamino Gigli, recordings from 1948 till 1954 -
"To Michele wishing that he enjoys a bit of good music, Rina Gigli - Roma 1980"

Another inscription by Rina Gigli dedicated to Michelangelo Verso

Regretfully Rina Gigli recently passed away on August 22, 2000 in Recanati.
To view one of her last photos in Rest Home 'Ester Gigli'
together with Michelangelo Verso, please click here.

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about Gigli, related by Michelangelo Verso himself, please click here.

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