A letter written by Beniamino Gigli

(English translation by M. Verso Jr.)

Via Serchio 2
Rome Italy                                                       Rome, 6 October 1955
Mr. Michelangelo Verso
Poste Restante
Mexico I.D.F.
Dear Verso, 
With much pleasure I have read your letter which tells me about your successes in the country of Mexico and about your gratification regarding your career you have undertaken.
I also read with equal interest the enclosed newspaper article and am pleased to know that my good predictions regarding your career have come true.
Allow me now to wish you good luck in your endeavors and to send you my sincere regards and trust that your successes will continue without any interruption and always with great magnitude.
You'll probably know that I have decided to give my final farewell to the stage and therefore I won't sing neither operas nor concerts anymore; so that your desire to have me with you in Mexico to sing for some period in a lyric season, has to remain unfulfilled ! It is for 41 years now that I have been travelling around the world without ever stopping a moment to enjoy a good rest without being pestered by the calendar and by all the commitments taken, and therefore I think that I now deserve the right to rest without anymore thoughts of that kind.
My brother-in-law, Vincenzo and everyone return to you many respectful greetings, adding myself a cordial handshake.
Yours Beniamino Gigli

    (signed by B. Gigli)

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